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The Beast in the Bone / Ash Keller

Paramedic. Addict. Cop's daughter. The bad guys messed with the wrong woman.

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The Beast in the Bone

Ash Keller is a paramedic... and a fentanyl addict.

It’s a deadly balancing act, but most days the narcotics keep the worst of the post-traumatic stress away. The visions of blood, dead babies and shotgun suicides.

Keller thinks she has it all under control until a midnight ambulance run on a lonely, isolated road brings her and her partner into the path of a dying girl and a sophisticated child-trafficking ring. Beaten unconscious, Keller wakes tied to a chair in the bloody basement dungeon of a murderer and rapist. Game over, right?

Maybe not. Not for a woman raised by a homicide cop who’s seen for herself what happens to people who don’t fight back.

By dawn Keller is famous… or infamous, with her addiction exposed for the world to see. Still, even with her life in tatters, she can’t stop digging into the events of that fateful night. It’s just not in her nature.

But her actions have attracted the attention of powerful people who will stop at nothing to keep their secrets safe.

As every paramedic knows, things can always get worse.

Hunting the Dead / Solenne

Solenne is unique in the world. Immune to the horrific infection that mutates its victims into the cannibalistic undead, she is also bound by some dark attachment to them. She can sense the undead... when they rise... where they are... Follow Solenne as she moves through the years, bound by the curse that sees her endlessly Hunting the Dead.

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Hunting the Dead

     Hunting the Dead is a zombie thriller set in the American Southwest during the Civil War.


     Brennan is a drifter, gunslinger and sometime-thief, protecting a once in a lifetime score and looking forward to a carefree existence until he meets...


    Solenne... the the lone survivor of a tribe massacred by reapers... rabid cannibals contaminated with the curse, a disease that causes all those bitten or injured to rise from death and become one of the infected - mindless monsters that hunger only for human flesh. Raised as a warrior and Witch-Woman, Solenne hunts and destroys those tainted by the curse. But she in turn is hunted... by Confederate Colonel Simon Johnston.


    Johnston is viciously insane and will stop at nothing to bring victory to the South. Solenne holds the key to his horrifying plans for conquest...


    Their lives meet in blood and death...

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    Deep in the heart of the Amazon jungle, two Yanomani hunters crack open a long-forgotten temple and are nearly killed by the mindless, cannibal monster trapped within. They return to their village carrying a terrible plague…


     A team from Utah’s ultra-secret Blackwood bioweapons group races to Brazil to harvest the mythical disease—codenamed Phoenix—known only from historical records.To Randall Powell, Blackwood’s sadistic commander, Phoenix may be the ultimate bioweapon—a disease that transforms men into rabid monsters. He will use fear, blackmail—even torture—to force microbiologists Teresa Frost and Paul Klassen to turn Phoenix from legend to reality.


     But someone is one step ahead of them…Frost and her Delta Force team reach the Amazon only to find bodies burned beyond recognition and tales of a beautiful and merciless “demon” that slaughtered every one of the infected, then disappeared back into the jungle…


     No demon, but perhaps not quite human either, Solenne is blood-bonded to Phoenix—a disease that twists humans into creatures her ancestors called reapers. She has fought its curse before, and will stop at nothing to wipe the infection out again—this time once and for all.


     Back in the depths of Blackwood’s biolabs, Frost and Klassen make a horrifying discovery. Phoenix doesn’t simply kill. Powered by both a virus and a medical marvel beyond comprehension, the disease truly resurrects, producing vicious, hungry revenants that live on after death. Real zombies.


     As events spin out of control and Solenne races toward Utah, Frost and her Delta Force guards must face the growing legion of undead spawned by Powell’s dark experiments, if they are to prevent a plague that could wipe out mankind—a true Armageddon machine.


     But deep in Blackwood’s abattoirs, tampering with Phoenix has given birth to something even deadlier than a reaper… Something so powerful that perhaps nothing on Earth can stop it…Solenne may be their only chance.

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    A disease of unimaginable virulence threatens the world - a highly contagious virus that turns its victims into rabid creatures with a singular and voracious appetite for human flesh. Killer, hunter, thief, assassin - Solenne has seen such plagues before - reapers, zombies - call them what you will - all that matters is that the risen dead die when their brain is destroyed.



     But Solenne has learned that the infection is much more than it appears, and that experiments by the military have altered it into something far more powerful and deadly than it once was.



     Solenne alone can halt Armageddon, but she must wander through the holocaust of the disease to find its source, all the while pursued by the walking dead, as well as something far more lethal - the product of human meddling with the virus - a mutant monster intent on ruling a world made into hell.



     Only Solenne is standing in its way.

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